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So the seed has been planted at my job

My career counselor sent an email to the HR at my job about relocating me into an office/admin position and getting me started on getting experience in administrative work (she’s gunna take my case and use it to put me in a position more relevant to my interests), and he has until the end of the month to decide (cuz that’s when my WIA application is still in effect) so hopefully this will be the last week or so I’ll be in packaging until I shift gears into another department.

(Seriously I’m not waiting no 120 days to pass probation; the last few people who said they passed their probations were still stuck working in packaging, not gunna fall for that trap!)


水木プロダクション on Twitter: “今日、深大寺の鬼太郎茶屋を突然訪れた水木しげる!深大寺に来たのは数年ぶり。茶屋の甘味をいくつも頼み、堪能しました。鬼太郎くんとも記念撮影。”







you can put this device on any surface and it will actually type. like. this is a hologram. a HOLOGRAM. I CAN TYPE WITH A HOLOGRAM NOW.

its sold by Brookstone and fucking damn it is the most fascinating thing i have seen in my life so far holy god

Wait wait wait is this like a you hook it up to a computer and type on the light and then words?

yup. simple bluetooth hookup and boom. you’re done. you can now type on your desk with a hologram to send texts, make notes, do literally anything a keyboard can do.

Woah. Woah. WOAH

It’s sold by ThinkGeek too! But it is quite expensive

every day we get closer to Tony Stark

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