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schreibaby-of-the-skies asked:

Hmm....I hope maybe by then I'll have enough money (and request time off from my new job) that I might make it up there. ;D





Just say you were kidnapped. Go back to work traumatized and yelling “I was kidnapped by people dressed as cartoon characters WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME.”

'Cause I will kidnap you if I have to.

Please do! That would be great!

I’ll leave a fake ransom note for my supervisor there. ;D

Can you guys kidnap me too while you’re at it?

We’ll need a grappling hook, duct tape, a pig, spandex, and the Mission Impossible theme. We’ll grab devilhimelily while we’re there. schreibaby-of-the-skies, you’re gonna fly us outta there, I’ll handle the weapons. carmineeyes and wisnia will create a distraction while heinrippy and lysoke provide cover fire. jackalopejess will handle the tech and tabbywilder will wrangle the raptors. The rest of you…pray.

It’s an A-Team of Jets, and I’m the Howling Mad Murdock of the group.

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